Parent Coaching

We know that parents are the most important people in a child’s life.

When the tough moments become the norm, parenting feels exhausting.

Sometimes parents need extra support for a specific stressor impacting the whole family.

We support you in bringing the best parenting strategies to meet the unique needs and strengths of your child.

Our play based approaches help you to build joyful, connecting moments with your child and to decrease negative or frustrating patterns and interactions  between you and  your child.

“Working with our Counselor helped our family during many challenging moments: for our son when he was going through difficulties at preschool and school, and when we adopted a new child into our family. She provided us with the guidance and sense of calm as we went through these transitions in our lives. In particular, her work with our son as he struggled with anxiety and attention-focus disorders meant all the difference in getting him the care he needed at school and at home. We were able to become better parents as we knew how to address his behavior, and we were able to communicate what he needed to his teachers effectively. Our son felt very comfortable with our Counselor and grew so much with her.”