Family and Parenting

Sometimes life’s challenges become overwhelming.

We provide a caring, supportive atmosphere to help you figure out what you want, set goals and support you in making the needed changes for life to be less stressful and more happy.

Usually the first step-reaching out is the hardest one.

We recognize the courage it takes to seek help and work with you to make the sessions as helpful as possible.

Similar to other relationships, building a therapeutic relationship is a process.

A Little Bit about Getting Started

At the first session, your therapist invites you to discuss your concerns, relevant background information and what you are hoping to achieve from this process. Together, you will develop a working relationship based on your goals.

Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes, but some people request longer sessions. Weekly sessions are most helpful, especially at first. If a person is in extreme distress, they may benefit from more than one session weekly until the crisis passes.

Many people find that therapy helps them grow personally, improve their relationships, address family concerns and bring calming strategies to the hassles of daily life.

In some ways, the therapy process is similar to trying on “new lenses” to see oneself and others from new vantage points. This in turn empowers the change process, opening up opportunities for growth and progress.

“During our child’s counseling, communication was central to the entire process. Our Counselor did not only work with our son in isolation, but used a “whole of kid” approach to therapy and always included us in the therapy process without betraying our son’s confidentiality. In fact, my husband and I felt like our parent sessions with the Counselor gave us the rare opportunity to talk about and work on our parenting skills.

The Counselor always helped us discuss our parenting without making us feel like we were doing things wrong. Instead, we were provided invaluable insight into opportunities for us to support our son in his therapeutic journey. We will be forever grateful for the assistance our Counselor provided our son and our entire family. We are even more thankful that we know that if issues ever arise in the future that our Counselor will be available to help us again. If you have any doubts about getting therapeutic services for your child, I can assure you that you will be very glad that you made the call.”