Adolescent Therapy

  • Are you worried about your teenager’s choices?
  • Are you concerned that your teen is unhappy or stressed about school?
  • Do you worry that your teen doesn’t have friends, has trouble keeping friends, or is hanging out with the wrong crowd?
  • Or, your teen may be in the throes of high-risk behaviors (substance use/abuse, promiscuity, sexting, cutting, etc.) that have become a pattern.

Being a teen is a challenging job…AND… so is being the parent of a teen!

Sometimes it’s hard to sort out what is typical teen behavior from worrisome teen behavior.

Even kids with great support systems may struggle with feelings of isolation, sadness and hidden anxieties.

We can help you with these issues and will partner with you, the  parents, to help balance your teen’s growing need for independence with creative and supportive ways of parenting.

Whether it is navigating school pressures, peer issues, feelings of depression and anxiety, anger issues, shifting family situations or something else, teens receive individualized support tailored to their situations.

A Little Bit about Getting Started

We find it helpful to meet with the parents and the teen together for the first session. If you are having trouble getting your teen to come to counseling we can meet with you alone and help with strategies to help your teen to come to counseling.

The first session is typically 1 hour. The next sessions may last for 45-60 minutes.

We meet with you and your teen for part of the time.

We develop a plan after the first session and using a variety of treatment modalities in working with children and families, we’ll use the information and goals discussed in the initial session to tailor the plan to your family.

We may contact your teen’s school (with your permission) and assist with any school issues.

We also will work collaboratively with other professionals who may be involved with your teen.

We engage in talk therapy with teens, but sometimes when teens aren’t comfortable talking we use alternative methods to help them work through their problems. We find that using other therapeutic interventions, including art and sand therapy are extremely beneficial to allow them additional tools to work through and address concerns.

It is important to remember that just as troublesome behaviors may have persisted over time it will take time to develop new behavior patterns and improved relationships.

“My daughter had been seeing a therapist for months, and not only was it not helping her anxiety issues but I could barely get her to go to an appointment. She simply did not click with the therapist and felt that the therapist did not care about her problems. A family friend recommended Crossroads Family Counseling Center, LLC, and when I called, my daughter was immediately given an appointment. I have seen improvement with my daughter since she began counseling especially in her anxiety and coping skills. She really trusts her therapist and that means a lot as a teenager. I can also tell at times that when my daughter is speaking to me she is choosing her words thoughtfully instead of simply yelling and I can tell that is something she has learned in counseling. There have been a few occasions when my daughter has been completely stressed out or depressed because of school and she is feeling bad enough to make me nervous. Whether I called or emailed the therapist she always got back to me quickly. I feel that I can truly depend on the therapist to be there for my daughter and as a parent that means everything.”