Five, Fun, Cooperative Board Games for Families

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Playing games with the family can be a lot of fun it's my favorite thing to do with my family.  Especially when they’re  cooperative games where there is no winner or loser.   While you're home during this Pandemic pick a night each week to make it a game night and rotate each who gets…

Five, Fun Outdoor, Sidewalk Chalk Activities

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Get out the Sidewalk Chalk!  Coloring with chalk is a great way to get outside, have fun and it’s good for your brain.  Coloring reduces stress and anxiety  and has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. Coloring is also helpful to work on hand strength and fine motor skills. …

Five Fun, Easy Things you can do with your Family during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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We know COVID-19, the Coronavirus, is impacting families and children in many ways.  The lack of structure from school and activities may make it difficult in the coming weeks.  We recommend creating your own structure.  Routines help children and can lessen anxiety.  Set up a schedule for the day on a white board or hang…

Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus

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Between the time I am writing this (early March) and you are reading it there will have been countless scary headlines about the coronavirus, and some new useful facts, discoveries, and policies, too. It feels like a crazy time and adults and children alike are anxious, confused, and unsure what to do or to believe.…

Tips for Sleeping Better and Maintaining Your Mental Well-Being

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According to sleep science experts, women need more sleep than men — by as much as 20 minutes more. This is because women are prolific multitaskers who tend to use up more brainpower during the day, leading to the need for more recovery time — essentially, sleep. Unfortunately, this need for more sleep doesn’t automatically…
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