Do you take insurance?
We are considered an out-of-network provider.  This means that we do not accept insurance directly. However, many of our clients submit their invoices and receive a portion of reimbursement for their sessions from their insurance company.  This may or may not involve meeting a deductible first.

We recommend the following steps:

1.  Contact your insurance carrier and ask them about your mental health coverage.  Ask, “Do I have mental health outpatient benefits? and “What are my benefits for an out-of-network mental healththerapist?”  and “What is the process for submitting invoices?”

2.  Our therapists provide you with a detailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement of our services.

3.  We accept cash,check, medical savings plans and credit card payments at the time of our service.

4. We have a Counseling intern working on their Master’s degree in counseling. We are able to offer this service at a very low fee. The intern is under the supervision of Sheri Mitschelen, LCSW, RPT/S. The benefit of working with a Counseling intern is: the cost is a low fee and you get the benefit of having a seasoned therapist review and supervise the work they do with you, your child and /or your family for no extra fee. For more information contact: and inquire about Working with the Counseling intern.